Our palm stones have multiple uses including bodywork therapies such as Reiki as they will lay flat on your clients. Also lovely to have in addition to your polished stones as they will fit snug in your hand. 



Chakra: Sacral – Moonstone for the 3rd Eye and Crown

Properties: This is a stone for hoping and wishing and assists with recognizing the changes in ones life. Holding and feeling the stone helps with acknowledging ones intuition and enhances perception of that knowledge to further ones development. Imparts confidence and allows one to understand that there is no situation so difficult that it cannot be resolved. Also used when travelling to protect the wearer and used during pregnancy and childbirth to ease the process; helps to eliminate insomnia and nightmares.


Prices are per individual palm stone, each stone is unique in size & colour. You will receive a stone similar to what is pictured. 

Rainbow Moonstone - Palm Stone

SKU: Rainbow Moonstone - Palm Stone
  • Please don't be alarmed if I arrive to you with inclusions or patterning. I may vary slightly in size and shape too as each stone is natural, beautiful and unique just like you!