Cleanse & Clarity Kit

Cleanse & Clarity Kit


Needing to cleanse your home or office space? Restore and revive your energy?

Our cleanse and clarity kit will help you to shift negative energy, cleanse your space and help restore positive and calming energy.


Your kit includes one of each of the following presented in a calico bag:


Amethyst Crystal Point

relieves stress & anxiety, protection, activates spiritual awareness


Rose Quartz

deep inner healing, promotes self-love, creates harmony & calmness


Citrine Crystal Point

emotionally balancing, activates creativity, encourages self-expression



purity, honesty, connection to higher energy planes



boost energy, reduces stress, reduces EMF waves


Smoky Quartz

grounding, reduces stress, lifts depression


Quartz Crystal

master healer, connection to higher self, crown chakra


Sage Stick

cleanses & purifies your home, office or healing room


How to use your kit? 


Cleanse your space using your sage stick, and setting the intension to purify and energise your home, office or healing space. Open any windows & doors which can be opened to allow the sage to collect any energy which needs to be shifted. You will be left with a more pure and calm environment. 


Your crystals can be placed in one area of your home/office or placed where you intuitively feel drawn to place them. They do not need to be kept as a complete kit in order to cleanse and clear energy.