Giza (4 sided)




Handcrafted in New Zealand


This magnificent Giza is not only beautiful to admire but gives off the most amazing energy.


Orgonites are an amplification tool that transmutes negative energies into positive. The use of high quality gemstones & crystals combined with metal elements help raises the vibrational frequencies of the user and the surrounding area, cleansing environments and people of trauma, detrimental thought patterns and negativity. It can raise your vibration in order to attract more positive things into your life - it aligns your vibration to the vibrations of abundance, balance and prosperity. It is also great for healing and strengthening the auric field. As it is an amplification tool, it can be effective in manifesting your intentions through meditation. People also use orgone for EMF protection and clearing up electro smog.


Orgonites are perfect for the home, office and are extensively used throughout the world by wellness therapists to help their clients relax & re-energize the physical body as well as the mind.


This Pyramid contains:


Smoky Quartz Point

Coiled Quartz

Blue Apatite

Crackled Quartz



Lodestone (Magnetite)





Black Tourmaline

24 Carot Gold

Smoky Quartz with Blue Apatite Orgonite Giza Pyramid

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