Rock Tumbler - Starter Kit 45C

Rock Tumbler - Starter Kit 45C


Ready to get rock tumbling? Our complete starter kit will have you up and running as its a complete kit with tumbler and all the grits required to start tumbling rough rock. Glass & Shell tumbling requires specific instructions & media.


Ideal for the following applications:

  • polishing & grinding of gemstones and glass
  • burnishing small silver casting
  • polishing ammunition casings


Size & Capacity:

  • Single 4lb barrel
  • 5 x cup capacity
  • 20mm x 40mm maximum rock size


Kit Includes the following items:

  • 1 x Lortone 45c Model 
  • 1kg silicon carbide grit 80/100
  • 1kg silicon carbide grit 220
  • 1kg silicon carbide grit 400
  • 500 grams plastic pellets
  • 500 grams tumble polish
  • Full instruction booklet & warranty card included
  • Simplified instruction sheet