NZ Kauri Gum

NZ Kauri Gum


The piece pictured is the exact piece that you will receive. 


Kauri gum forms when resin from kauri trees leaks out through fractures or cracks in the bark, hardening with exposure to air. Lumps commonly fall to the ground and can be covered with soil and forest litter, eventually fossilising. 


The Māori had many uses for the gum, which they called kapia. Fresh gum was used as a type of chewing gum. Highly flammable, the gum was also used as a fire-starter, or bound in flax to act as a torch.

Burnt and mixed with animal fat, it made a dark pigment for moko tattooing.[4] Kauri gum was also crafted into jewellery, keepsakes, and small decorative items. Like amber, kauri gum sometimes includes insects and plant material.


Dimensions: 10cmx10cmx6cm

Weight: 310g