Introduction to Crystals Kit

Introduction to Crystals Kit


This kit is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love who is at the beginning of their crystal healing journey.

The book included is a perfect introduction to crystals, explaining the chakra system, how to cleanse your crystals, crystal history, and much much more. The 7 crystals we have included are talked about in depth in the book allowing you to get to know them and how they can benefit your life. But additionally, we have chosen these particular stones because each connects to a different chakra energy point which you will learn about in the book. 


The Kit Includes;

 - The Little Book of Crystals by Astrid Carvel

 - A velvet bag containing;

 - XL Green Agate Tumbled Stone

 - XL Carnelian Tumbled Stone

 - L Rainbow/Purple Fluorite Tumbled Stone

 - XL Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone

 - XL Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone

 - XL Hematite Tumbled Stone

 - XL Tigereye Tumbled Stone


The stones you will receive will vary in color and pattern to those pictured.