Beautiful natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 3-5 kg in weight. Salt lamps have a wide range of purpose, producting negative ions into the environment which help to restore energy and provide a range of health benefits. Excellent for those with asthma, allergies, insomnia and headaches. Al wonderful and soothing choice for a babies room, as the lamp can be adjusted to an ambient setting. 


Your salt lamp includes the following:

1 x dimmer power lead, you can adjust the brightness of your lamp to your desired effect

1 x spare bulb 


Please note the lamp is similar to the one in the photo, each lamp is uniquely beautiful in colour and shape variation.


For best results we reccommend not turning your lamp off as this can affect the salt, its best to turn the lamp down to the lowest setting. If you are going away from home for a period of extended time, you can unplug your lamp and store it in a dry space for example your hot water cupboard. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp 3-5 kg