Chakra Pendant - Cord or Chain

Chakra Pendant - Cord or Chain


This stunning chakra pendant will work on your energy system and help align your chakras. Within your energy field you have 7 major chakras: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root. These energy centres can become blocked which stops the free flow of energy. Wearing a chakra balancing piece of jewellery will work on each energy centre to provide alignment and balance, which in turn creates peace and harmony. 


Each pendant is hand-made in our very own store, made with intention and a high vibration. You also have a choice between an adjustable cord or a hypo-allogenic chain for your pendant. 


The pattern of stones may vary from the pictured pendants as we have a couple of different stones to pull for each chakra. If there is one, in particular, you would like please leave a note when purchasing and we will do our best to accommodate. 

  • Chakra Bracelet Care

    We strongly recommend taking your bracelet off for showering, swimming or any other activity which includes water. Although our bracelets are made using jewellery grade elastic this can be worn down over time if immersed in water.