Balance and restore your energy with a Chakra Kit. You have 7 major chakras in your energy field, which can become blocked due to stress, anxiety and overwhelm. As we lead busy lifestyles our chakra energy centres can become depleted, by revitalising these energy centres you can bring balance and raise your energetic vibration.


The Chakra Essential oil is a blend of 26 essentail oils, this is a pure oil blend. It's amazing aroma assists with balancing your chakras, raising the vibration and clearing your energy. Can be used in an oil burner, vapouriser, or made into a room spray. 


Gemstones Included:

- clear quartz

- amethyst

- sodalite

- rose quartz

- green aventurine

- carnelian

- tigerseye

- red jasper

Chakra Oil +Chakra Gemstone Kit