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Jun 21 - Jul 22

Children of Cancer are empathetic, understanding, extremely protective and devoted family and friends. Cancers tend to have a close-knit circle of friends with whom they can genuinely be honest. Due to their traits of dedication, Cancers are very devoted when it comes to love relationships.

Moss Agate

CHAKRA - Heart

PROPERTIES - Improves ego, self-esteem and emotional balance.  Can be used in the treatment of dehydration and disorders of the eyes.  May relieve colds, flu and viral illnesses and boost the immune system.  Reduces pain in childbirth and speeds up delivery.  Acts as an anti-inflammatory and treats fungal and skin infections.



PROPERTIES - Balances yin-yang energies.  Assists one after a relationship breakup, to take time to love themselves before starting a new relationship.  A stone of ‘gentle love’ - also assists one in reaching their highest potential.  Used in the treatment of emphysema, inflammation of the joints, light sensitivity, strep throat, heart disorders and arthritis.

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